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~* Valentine’s Idea #4 *~

February 14, 2007

My last Valentine’s Idea (for this year) , is to plan a special night together. This can be so much fun, you can really let your creativity and love flow, and you can make this very special for very little cost to the budget.
First, make a beautiful invitation:
I opened a blank Word doc and first created a border using this: clear hearts background
I chose the most decorative and feminine font I could find, and printed in pink the following:

You are invited


A Special Night of Romance

I sprinkled a few of these under the last line for more personalization:
candy hearts
Then I filled in the above blanks with the personalization that fit us.
For example, if you want to serve a special dinner on your beautiful patio, then “Beautiful Patio” would be the “where”.
For the “What’s” portion, here are some ideas:
1. Dinner by candlelight
2. Listen to romantic music
3. Play Spin the Bottle (make your own game)
4. Receive a wonderful backrub
5. Snuggle Buggle
6. Foot massage
7. Take a romantic walk in the moonlight
9. Watch a romantic movie
10. Bake and eat brownies together
You know what you and your honey enjoy, you know what is fun and romantic for you both…let those creative juices flow. Choose one or several and make it even more romantic.
If you have special songs, collect them and burn them onto your very own personalized CD. Then make a cd cover with you and your honey’s picture on it. Allow your special CD to provide the night’s music.
When you’ve finished your invitation, roll it like a scroll, wrap a ribbon around it, and place it somewhere it won’t be missed.
You can make this Valentine’s one that neither of you will ever forget with very little money, a bit more time, and lot’s of lovin’ creativity.
Have Fun!


~* Valentine’s Idea #3 *~

February 13, 2007

Last year, someone shared this great little site for making your own personalized candy hearts…you know…like the ones you used to pass out for Valentine’s Day at school?
Here…this kind: candy heart
Mm-Hm…THOSE kind!
At any rate, I lost the link to that site and lo and behold, She Lives, gave the link at the end of her post.
So now, candy heart 2
Just go to Candy Hearts and add your messages. Then save to your photo folder. Now you’re ready to use these little cuties for all kinds of fun projects. Tuck one in an e-mail, make a card with some sprinkled over the page, make a bookmark, etc. Use your imagination and have fun! Have even more fun by letting the kids make some…then they can also use them in all kinds of projects.
TIP: You can only use four lines, and if you look at the heart above, the fourth line is the most limited space-wise for a reason
Happy Heart Making! candy heart 3
PS: If you use these in a valentine’s project and share it on your blog, please leave a comment. I’d love to see all the ideas other’s come up with.

~* Valentine’s Idea #2 *~

February 13, 2007

Here’s another inexpensive, but fun, and unique idea: creating your own ringtone for you and your honey.After purchasing some software (that didn’t work) I went online and found this site: As with other ring download sites, you can use pre-made ringtones…but, (and this is the part I loved), you can also use a free download they give you access to, and turn any favorite song from a cd into a ringtone. Our special song is “Always and Forever”. I put the CD into my computer after downloading the free music converter software, followed the instructions for burning, editing, and turning the edited version into mp3 formatting. Then I sent it to my phone and voila’ when my honey calls, he’s playing our song! Another nice feature of is that they only charge you a one time fee which is good for one year and for up to four phone numbers. So, if you have more than one cell phone and more than one “geek” in the house, you can all have personalized ring-tones.
Aside from the romantic Valentine idea, think of all the worship music you love that you can rarely find in ring-tone form…now you can add that as well. The valentine’s song stays for my honey…but I’ve got friends and my kids that I can now personalize their own ringtones with some of my favorite music.
That’s a lot of fun, for several people, for $7.99 (You can pay with Paypal, credit cards, e-checks, or money orders).

~* Valentine’s Idea #1 *~

February 13, 2007

Linzer cookie cutters
I’m going to make a cut-out version of my honey’s favorite thumprint cookies, for part of his Valentine’s gifts, with these cookie cutters. I have a couple of other ideas I’m working on as well. If they turn out well, I’ll try to take pictures and share those too.
What do you plan on doing for your honey for Valentine’s? Do you do something special for the kids? Celebrate as a family? I’d love to hear your plans and traditions.