~* Sharing our Valentine’s Dinner in Words and Pictures *~

Isn’t it funny how the more you give love away, the more it comes right back to you?
I was so excited this year to plan a Valentine’s dinner for my guys. Usually, my honey and I exchange cards and small gifts and then go out on a night other than Valentine’s to avoid the crowds. But this year, I wanted to treat all my guys to a special dinner, so I planned for days just what to do (not that any of it was complicated, I’m just one of those people who needs lists and plans to pull anything off).
I found some beautiful placemats and cloth napkins on sale that complimented our good china. Then, I found some inexpensive pink goblets that completed the place settings. I purchases some valentine ribbon to wrap around the napkins and silver. I bought some tulips that were specially priced and with candles I already had, the table was completed. Or so I thought….my sweet honey bought me some balloons and they officially completed the table.
I made heart mystery brownies and wrapped them for each place setting; bought sparkling cider for the occasion; and splurged with the grocery budget and bought the guys thick steaks. To complete the steaks, I sliced mushrooms and onions to saute’ in butter and serve on top of the steaks. Salad and a fresh french bread rounded out the meal.
Everything was (for once!) well underhand and going very smoothly. Then my honey insisted on cooking the steaks, onions, mushrooms. So I finished putting the salads together and putting the salad dressing into pretty little dishes, and buttering the bread.
When I got to the table, the guys had all bought me cards, and our sons had gone in together for a Starbucks gift card and my honey bought See’s candy.
I was so surprised and delighted! I thought how it happens that when we seek to bless and serve others, so often the blessings come right back our direction. Just seeing the delight on their faces, having fun with planning the day…those were gifts enough for me! But to see my honey and sons so sweetly try to surprise me back (which they did), was the proverbial icing on the already delicious cake!
Here’s some pics of the table:

(Yes, I do realize my camera dates are waaaay off! I keep forgetting to ask my son how to change it or turn it off…sad, huh? 😉


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