~* Valentine’s Idea #4 *~

My last Valentine’s Idea (for this year) , is to plan a special night together. This can be so much fun, you can really let your creativity and love flow, and you can make this very special for very little cost to the budget.
First, make a beautiful invitation:
I opened a blank Word doc and first created a border using this: clear hearts background
I chose the most decorative and feminine font I could find, and printed in pink the following:

You are invited


A Special Night of Romance

I sprinkled a few of these under the last line for more personalization:
candy hearts
Then I filled in the above blanks with the personalization that fit us.
For example, if you want to serve a special dinner on your beautiful patio, then “Beautiful Patio” would be the “where”.
For the “What’s” portion, here are some ideas:
1. Dinner by candlelight
2. Listen to romantic music
3. Play Spin the Bottle (make your own game)
4. Receive a wonderful backrub
5. Snuggle Buggle
6. Foot massage
7. Take a romantic walk in the moonlight
9. Watch a romantic movie
10. Bake and eat brownies together
You know what you and your honey enjoy, you know what is fun and romantic for you both…let those creative juices flow. Choose one or several and make it even more romantic.
If you have special songs, collect them and burn them onto your very own personalized CD. Then make a cd cover with you and your honey’s picture on it. Allow your special CD to provide the night’s music.
When you’ve finished your invitation, roll it like a scroll, wrap a ribbon around it, and place it somewhere it won’t be missed.
You can make this Valentine’s one that neither of you will ever forget with very little money, a bit more time, and lot’s of lovin’ creativity.
Have Fun!


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