~* Valentine’s Idea #3 *~

Last year, someone shared this great little site for making your own personalized candy hearts…you know…like the ones you used to pass out for Valentine’s Day at school?
Here…this kind: candy heart
Mm-Hm…THOSE kind!
At any rate, I lost the link to that site and lo and behold, She Lives, gave the link at the end of her post.
So now, candy heart 2
Just go to Candy Hearts and add your messages. Then save to your photo folder. Now you’re ready to use these little cuties for all kinds of fun projects. Tuck one in an e-mail, make a card with some sprinkled over the page, make a bookmark, etc. Use your imagination and have fun! Have even more fun by letting the kids make some…then they can also use them in all kinds of projects.
TIP: You can only use four lines, and if you look at the heart above, the fourth line is the most limited space-wise for a reason
Happy Heart Making! candy heart 3
PS: If you use these in a valentine’s project and share it on your blog, please leave a comment. I’d love to see all the ideas other’s come up with.


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