~* Valentine’s Idea #2 *~

Here’s another inexpensive, but fun, and unique idea: creating your own ringtone for you and your honey.After purchasing some software (that didn’t work) I went online and found this site: Freeringers.net As with other ring download sites, you can use pre-made ringtones…but, (and this is the part I loved), you can also use a free download they give you access to, and turn any favorite song from a cd into a ringtone. Our special song is “Always and Forever”. I put the CD into my computer after downloading the free music converter software, followed the instructions for burning, editing, and turning the edited version into mp3 formatting. Then I sent it to my phone and voila’ when my honey calls, he’s playing our song! Another nice feature of Freeringers.net is that they only charge you a one time fee which is good for one year and for up to four phone numbers. So, if you have more than one cell phone and more than one “geek” in the house, you can all have personalized ring-tones.
Aside from the romantic Valentine idea, think of all the worship music you love that you can rarely find in ring-tone form…now you can add that as well. The valentine’s song stays for my honey…but I’ve got friends and my kids that I can now personalize their own ringtones with some of my favorite music.
That’s a lot of fun, for several people, for $7.99 (You can pay with Paypal, credit cards, e-checks, or money orders).


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